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Premises Liability Attorney in Tampa Bay, Florida

When a ​​landowner or possessor​,​ fails to maintain its premises in a reasonably safe condition, fails to correct a dangerous condition of which it knew or should have known, or fails to warn about a dangerous condition​, you might have a claim against the property owner, or the one responsible for maintaining that property. Contact Youngblood Law Firm to learn more about premise liability.

Injured on Commercial Property?

Slip/Trip & Fall/Other Premises Injuries

We don't walk with our heads down watching every place we step. Property owners are responsible to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition and warn of any known dangers. These dangers can be something on the floor that causes you to slip; or something sticking up, or otherwise not compliant with building code, that should not be that causes you to trip. These situations often cause serious injuries. Depending on the circumstances, the victim can sue the property owner for compensation even though the victim might, potentially, be partially at fault. Examples of dangerous conditions contributing to such injuries are poor lighting, defective stairs/steps, wet floors, cracked sidewalks, and worn, torn, or curled-up rugs and carpeting. Have someone take pictures if you are not able to do so, get names of witnesses, get medical attention right away, and contact us!