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Florida's Commitment to Transport the Disabled and Disadvantaged

Learn more about Florida's commitment to transport the disabled and disadvantaged

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Wondering About Florida's Texting & Driving Laws?

Learn more about Florida's texting and driving laws

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Ch. Law 2018-130 Defines "autocycle" and revises the definition of "motorcycle." Requires safety belt usage by autocycle operator/passenger under the age of 18, and authorizes autocycle operation without a motorcycle endorsement.

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Personal Injury 101

The best way to address questions that you (someone who has a personal injury and is not an attorney) is to first know what those questions are for which you are seeking answers.

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Why Do I Need An Attorney?

If you have never been injured in an auto accident in Florida, you may wonder why you would need an attorney. In a perfect world, insurance companies wouldn't fight or haggle and simply pay the money for your bills and other losses. This, unfortunately is not the reality. Sometimes, even your own insurance company won't treat you fairly.

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