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About Us

About Youngblood Law Firm

Youngblood Law Firm only represents the injured or family of your deceased loved one. We have never represented an insurance company, nor the insured defendant. Most of these companies have impressive resources that allow them to fight the claims of injured persons or their representatives every step of the way. Mr. Youngblood has been a licensed and practicing attorney for 30 years in Florida, specializing in personal and wrongful death. He and his legal team will work closely with you throughout the entire process and will help level the playing field. We will educate you about all available legal options, making sure you understand the potential consequences and ensuring that you feel completely confident in our guidance and assistance. We will answer your questions anytime and we will explain the process so you can anticipate each step.

Our Firm's History

Mr. Youngblood was sworn in and licensed to practice law in the State of Florida in May 1990. He then founded our firm in January 1993. Over that time, we have represented a wide range of clients all over the entire state of Florida. We are qualified to practice in both State and all Federal Courts, having brought cases in many counties and throughout the State, and in all three of the Federal District Courts throughout the State.

Mr. Youngblood has had cases in most of the five State District Courts of Appeal, and before the Supreme Court of Florida. He has also had cases in the Federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, and even in the United States Supreme Court.

Our specialty is in cases that involve catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death. Today, less than 2% of attorneys are Board Certified in Civil Trial Practice. Mr. Youngblood is one of these few Board Certified attorneys who, because of that accomplishment, is permitted by the Florida Bar, to hold himself out as an “expert” or a “specialist”.

Our Firm's Mission

The mission of Youngblood Law Firm is to provide each and every client with the highest level of professional and personal service. We take the time to understand your legal needs, as well as address any specific questions or concerns you have. You can even take advantage of a free consultation with our founding lawyer in order to better understand how you can reach a satisfying and, often, speedy resolution.

Why Choose Youngblood Law Firm

Mr. Youngblood takes great pride in becoming personally acquainted with every client and the particulars of their case. You will be treated with care and compassion. Our files have case names, not numbers. Mr. Youngblood has a strong work ethic, is dedicated to his client’s best interests, and his goal is to treat every claim as if it is the most important issue in your life because often it is. His lifetime of competing at a high level, athletically, still survives today in the form of zealously representing his clients. Many firms will only fight for what they can get easily and swiftly. At Youngblood Law Firm, we make sure that your case is thorough and thoughtfully prepared to get the maximum recovery available to you. Most firms don't want to litigate; they simply give up telling you that is all they can do. Youngblood Law Firm isn't afraid to litigate and take your case to trial if needed. In fact, Mr. Youngblood is frequently asked to take over the litigation of clients from other firms. He is well-respected in the legal and medical communities. The benefit of having the Youngblood Law Firm as your counsel is that we will push to get you the best possible result we can. Not many attorneys have been practicing, litigating, and saving clients money as Mr. Youngblood has for nearly thirty years. The relationships he has built have come to us as referrals from former clients, other attorneys, medical providers, friends, and acquaintances. At Youngblood Law Firm we will do our best to take the suffering out of your pain and suffering.