Frequently Asked Questions – St. Petersburg, Florida

Not many individuals are familiar with the legal process. If you think that you may be able to pursue a legal claim or lawsuit and receive compensation for catastrophic injury or wrongful death, the Youngblood Law Firm can help. We are local experts on Civil Trial Practice, and are more than qualified to educate you about whether you have a claim and what to expect when pursuing a claim. Here are some of the FAQs that many potential clients have.

“How Do I Determine if I Have a Case?”

Only a legal professional can truly determine if you have a case that is worth pursuing in a court of law. If you or a loved one has suffered because of a personal injury or wrongful death, possibly as a result of some other person or company’s partial or complete neglect, then you likely have a claim that is worth consideration. Our founding attorney offers free consultations so that he can learn more about your personal situation, and so that he can educate you about available legal options.

“How Do I Choose the Best Lawyer for My Case?”

Choosing the perfect lawyer for your case is completely dependent upon the type of claim you wish to make. T. Patton Youngblood, Jr. is Board Certified in Civil Trial practice. He only represents the interests of the injured and their loved ones, and never the insurance company. With over 25 years of experience in personal injury and wrongful death, as well as a history of challenging some of the largest companies in a court of law, we deliver personal and professional services that you should expect and deserve.

“How Do I Pay My Lawyer?”

While many lawyers require retainer fees prior to working on your case, our law firm does not request any upfront monies to pursue your claim. All costs required to carry out your lawsuit will be borne by our office until we provide an agreed upon resolution to your claim.

If you have more questions for our civil trial attorney, contact us to set up your free consultation. We would be more than happy to educate you about all available legal options. We proudly represent clients in the Tampa Bay area, and throughout the State of Florida, in both state and federal courts.